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AAUA Fees Hike: Scammers float site, bank accounts to defraud students

The management of the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akubgba-Akoko (AAUA) in Ondo State has raised alarm over the activities of fraudsters who seek to take advantage of the recent hike in its school

fees to defraud unsuspecting students and their parents.
The school’s management recently announced a 500 per cent increase in schoolfees, an action resisted by students and parents.
It also listed designated banks through which students should make payments for their fees.
However, the institution has drawn the attention of the public to “school fees schedules by fraudsters and a list of banks making the rounds in the social media purportedly issued by the institution”.
A statement by the Head of Information, Protocol and Public Relations of the Institution, Sola Imoru, noted that the said post urged fresh and returning students to pay “phantom” school fees to some designated banks.
“Management would like to inform all students and their guardians that the school fee schedule did not emanate from the university authorities,” the statement read.
“Students and their parents and guardians are therefore advised not to make any payment through the designated banks listed in the fake post.
“Discerning students, parents and stakeholders would have discovered obvious falsehood in the post, including listing courses such as engineering, physiology and fine and applied art, that are not offered (for study) in the University.”
The statement urged students to visit the school’s portal for school fees payable and mode of payment.
Meanwhile, the school’s pro-chancellor, Tunji Abayomi, has called for the cooperation of students as the management has reduced the minimum school fees of N200,000 to N120,000.
He also said that the management had reached a compromise with students and parents in providing the opportunity to pay their school fees twice, if they are unable to pay at once.
“We must see the hard effort that reduced the initial high expectations of minimum N200,000 to N120,000 as an uncommon commitment to the education hopes of the students of AAUA,” he said.
“A student who is unable to pay once, can now pay twice allowing for time of saving to make a second payment. I am concerned about the action or reaction of students. I think on this issue we need to detour from the norm or the old order that has brought the students little benefits.
“I think reflection not reaction is what we need at this time. We have worked hard to get the least arrangement. So what I believe is sensible is to get the cooperation of the students.
“If we fail to peacefully manage the least increase, things may be out of our hands, then a further increase cannot be ruled out.Great caution and rationality are greatly demanded at this time from the students of AAUA.”

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