Read This Open Letter From A UTME Candidiate To JAMB

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Got this letter early this morning, I guess it’s from a frustrated UTME candidate.
By: Terhemen Kwaghmande
Dear JAMB,Much as I’ll like to appreciate your efforts in making sure that Admission into Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria is done equitably, I will also not hesitate to be critical, should need arises. You can fool everyone if you like, you might have fooled me before, but you would never fool me again.
Your reason is that: Cyber Cafes do exploit Candidates. Fine and good. But let me tell you,the only reason while you continue to pull the wool over our gullible eyes is because the Citizens rights’ protection agencies are either in the vegetative state, or completely dead.How can you explain a situation where you would tell 2 million Candidates to register their JAMB UTME 2017 and capture the necessary bio-metric, in only 600 centers across the Country in just 30 days, with such a cheap EXPLANATION?
It beats my imagination and it defies not just logic, but also philosophy.
Since 20th March, 2017 your so called CBT accredited Centers plus the Jamb State Zonal offices which you claim are the only Registration Centers for Jamb 2017 have done absolutely nothing! They are rather accumulating Battalion of intending candidates. It may interest you to know that, some of your so called accredited centers that you deemed fit to handle 2 million Nigerians in 30 days have already started exploiting them! How can you explain the situation whereby;
1. Those registering candidates will come from nowhere and handpick from behind anybody they like (mostly relatives and Girlfriends) on a queue that is neatly formed? Isn’t that exploitation?
2. What of the situation whereby; anytime there is power failure those CBT boys will ask everybody to go home and come back the next day, knowing too well that most people have come from afar? Isn’t that exploitation?
3. I find difficult to understand why you separate Profile creation from Registration which to me are the same. But instead you compel candidates to pre-register their personal information on the Jamb portal, at their own expense and yet you dubiously place a CBT service Charge of N700. Isn’t that exploitation?
4. Your myopic and or dubious decision to compel candidates especially those in the rural areas to travel to CBT centers in order to Register for 2017 Jamb during this hardship is surely the specimen of exploitation. Isn’t it?
5. Let me remind you that, we are in the 21st Century, the internet has eliminated fares and queues even in the banks, through e-banking. I was expecting Jamb to introduce e-payment through web just as most institutions in Nigeria are doing. But what have you done? Instead your retrogressive process has only succeeded in taking us back as far as 19th Century. Isn’t that exploitation?
6. Your idea of depriving Cyber Cafés Business opportunity has done more harm than good to our economy especially now that we are experiencing economic recession. You instead selfishly and logically contracted CBT center owners to do the job for you. Isn’t that exploitation?
7. Now come to think of it, whoever is behind this gruesome decision; how would you feel in the midst of 3000 people at a time, on a queue, under this scorching sun. (just because Jamb selfishly limits candidate’s registration points or units). Isn’t that exploitation?
Sometimes I wonder if you were drunk when you were taking this gibberish decision. You probably must have done this for your own selfish interest, not for the reasons you first gave, which to me lacks merits, and its beyond ridicule. I have always respected Jamb because apart from being decisive in one’s Tertiary institutions admission process, to some extent, they do save candidates ass from some of those corrupt varsities. when President Buhari sacked the whole Jamb board and appointed a new one, I was very excited hoping that this new board will make things easy for Nigerians especially the registration process. I was dreaming of a process where one can register his/her jamb even in their bedroom. But instead they worsen the situation. What the hell? Don’t your Candidates mean anything to you?
Doesn’t it bother you that Nigerians who are now in recession have to Travel far and wide at their own expense just to do the Jamb reg. that could have been done even in their homes? You claim to have protected the interest of candidates, if that is the case why didn’t you collect N2500 as reg. fee? You collected a whooping N5500 even now that every process in the Jamb circle is computerized, no printing cost, no luggage fee for moving jamb papers here and there, no marking allowance! But yet you fail to protect candidates in this regard.
I really don’t blame you. If Nigerians had protested your devious, exploitative, heartless, opportunistic and fraudulent pronouncement, you wouldn’t be here making them queue desperately like migrants.
What’s to say that there wouldn’t be another hilarious failure during the CBT exams like last year, since you guys obviously don’t know what you are doing? You deserve to be sued for every fraudulent Mistake you’ve ever made that has affected candidates scores and stampedes their admission pursuit. Your evil dream of making money from poor Nigerians every year will forever remain a demented hallucination. I will not tolerate your recklessness any longer. Please.



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