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The problem with good music is good promotion. Eight songs from our April Edition list fell off the pecking order, giving room for three contending songs from the last edition to make it. Five fresh songs also gained access to the list. Our decision was based on production and promotion and for your song to remain relevant on this list, you need to continue promoting it. Note, the list does not guarantee nomination for the forthcoming Ondo State Music Awards, its just an OSMA TV Programme. In no chronological order, here are the songs that made it to our list for this month.
1. WHY? By Bobcity (Prod. By Braynzee)
If not our top song for the month, its definitely a fans favorite. This song is one of the new songs added to the list and we looking forward to keeping it if its promotion continues. Download & Listen to Why? By Bobcity.
2. BUHARI, HOW FAR? By Benny Lee Ft. Alagapidru (Prod. by Timmy Y)
This is the song that didn’t allow “paper” (Bennylee’s previous hit single) to make the list. It was so obvious that the attention was shifted on the new song leaving paper behind. We can vividly say this song has taken over the online media, having several downloads and trending on all social media platforms. Download and listen to Buhari, how far by Bennylee ft Alagapidru
3. OSMA ANTHEM By CC Records (Prod. By Timmy Y)
Inspirational songs as never been this good. Timmy Y, Kekero, Evergreen & Yemmit teamed up to deliver this unity driven master piece focused on the music body (OSMA) itself. Its the most expected song on this list and we haven’t disappointed you. Download and Listen to OSMA ANTHEM by CC Records.
4. ERUKU By Demo NN (Prod. by Dominas)
The lyrical depth on this song is second to none. This is another contender from our last edition. Download and listen to Eruku by Demo NN
5. RAP ABORTION By Omaviella (Prod. By Marvel)
Another contending song from our last edition. The flows and wordplays on this song was well delivered. It is definitely one of the pure rap songs of our time. Download and Listen to Rap Abortion by Omaviella.
6. GO GAGA By Slimfit (Prod. By Tiz Star)
This song us back on our list with so much anticipation for the Gogaga Convert. The promotion of the song is heavenly as you can find it on all popular music blogs. The song as the potential to holds its place here for as long as its promotion never stops. Download and Listen to Go Gaga by Slimfit
7. LAYE By Deola Wambi (Prod. by Neus)
Let simply say, the fans brought back this song to the list. Download and Listen to Laye.
8. HUSTLE HARD By Ceeprinx
(Prod. By Rich P)
This song was one of the contenders for our last edition. Hustle hard is actually a different tune. Its not a kind of song you hear from any artiste. We hope the song can keep its place on the list if its promotion can improve. Download and Listen to Hustle Hard by Ceeprinx
9. NO BE LIE By MFB Ft. Deola Wambi (Prod. By Fally Tee)
One of the best collaborative effort of our time. The online promotion of this song is massive and has the flair to keep its place on the list. Download & Listen to No be lie by MFB ft. Deola Wanmbi.
10. HELLO OLUWA By Timmy Y (Prod. By Timmy Y)
The ace producer feels grateful and decided to do something special. We won’t tell you how special this song is until you Download and Listen to it.
That’s all for now. Before your song can contend for this list, it has to be register under OSMA
Special thanks to Branyzee, Timmy Y (3 songs), Dominas, Marvel, Tiz Star, Neus, Rich P & Fally Tee for their production prowess on this songs
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