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10th National Assembly: Akpabio Urged to Resign as Senate President

10th National Assembly: Akpabio Urged to Resign as Senate President

The Coalition for Parliamentary Democracy (CPD) has called for the Senate President to resign from his position. The CPD argues that the Senate President has lost the support of his fellow lawmakers.

This demand from CPD comes in response to allegations from Akpabio’s office, claiming that a South-South Governor is behind a plot to impeach him. CPD insists that Akpabio should stop assigning blame and instead clarify why other lawmakers are dissatisfied with his leadership.

Dr. Menike Johnson, the National Coordinator of CPD, issued a statement expressing their concerns. CPD contends that Senators have cited Akpabio’s perceived inability to fulfill the duties of a Presiding Officer and provide transparent and credible leadership as the primary reasons for their move against him.

According to CPD, Senator Akpabio should address the issues raised by his colleagues, including allegations of a lack of transparency, violations of established parliamentary conventions and procedures, undermining the Senate’s integrity in financial matters, and allegations of favoritism in Senate management.

CPD believes that Akpabio’s attempts to shift blame to external individuals do not address the fundamental issue of leadership failure raised by Senators. Given that he has acknowledged losing favor with his colleagues and has not provided satisfactory answers to the serious issues raised by Senators, CPD advises Senator Akpabio to step down as Senate President. They emphasize the importance of stable and loyal leadership during a critical period for the nation.

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